Saints Row: The Third (again)

We’ve had this game by Volition on here before, but it only just occurred to me that the cat that refills your health during Dr. Genki’s Super Ethical Reality Climax wears a little hat with a Swiss flag on it, and it dispenses health in the form of Swiss-branded bubbles:


Getting it wrong once might be an accident, but twice? This is on purpose. What nefarious suggestions are you trying to make about Switzerland?

Company of Heroes

Here’s me thinking that the Swiss didn’t fight in any of the world wars, but I guess Relic tried to smuggle them in anyway, thinking we wouldn’t notice. Here’s a Swiss tent you can deploy in that game, complete with two Swiss soldiers:


Maybe they offer battlefield banking services. Someone’s gotta supply the loans for buying all those tanks.


In this fantastic and dark series’ episode S02E05 you never actually see the Swiss flag on this ambulance, but you see a reflection of the Swiss flag in a shop window:


You tried to hide it. You almost succeeded. But know this: We will find every single misused Swiss flag the FX network ever broadcasts. You have been warned.

Mass Effect 2

The first aid dispensers in this game have a white cross on them (but no red background), so I was initially disappointed. But when I actually grabbed a first aid kit (or “medi-gel”) from one, I was relieved to see that it bears the Swiss banner:


The Swiss must be a spacefearing nation in this scenario. Taking over the healthcare sector of the universe in their majestic rocket-fueled Toblerone bars.


While the hospital in this scene in the series Archer has a red cross, the ambulance has a Swiss flag. This is surprising for the show, which is normally known to get a lot of cultural stuff right, with the random bits of Spanish, Portuguese and German spoken often making sense: