Cities: Skylines

The otherwise excellent city simulation game Cities: Skylines has a Swiss cross on their hospital roof and a Red Cross signet on the front of the building, violating two rules at the same time:



Grenada Opbank

This U.S. bank hurts my heart with its large and pulsating Swiss organ:


That is a very patriotic heart, even though it beats for Switzerland and not the U.S., where it lives. I wonder if the illustration means the medical loans are in Swiss Francs only. Wow, I’ve really been milking this currency joke. What’s next, a decorative German-made chinaware first-aid cow wearing stockings and a lab coat with a Swiss flag on it?

Oh. As a matter of fact, yes. That’s exactly what’s next:


Seen at Bazar Suisse, but made in Germany.


My first praise! Usually I just give out blame, but the authors of PlanetBase did (at least partially) the right thing: They put a red cross in the medical section of bases built in their game. Visible here at 9:51:

Now of course they shouldn’t be using the Red Cross signet either. The Red Cross in fact urges video game developers not to use their signet. So hurray for not using a Swiss flag, but boo for using the Red Cross emblem.