Civilization V

Even the biggest studios aren’t immune against misuse of the Swiss flag. Civilization V even uses the Swiss shield that is popular on some items, such as Swiss army knives from Victorinox or Wenger, as a symbol for “fortify until healed”. Look in the lower left corner:


Party Hard

It’s a rare moment for praise! The game Party Hard not only does not have any Swiss crosses in it, it also puts the correct paramedic symbol on the side of the ambulance:


Awesome! So it is possible to do this right. All other game developers take note.

Saints Row: The Third

Another game developer doesn’t get it, and this time it’s Volition. The ambulances in Saints Row: The Third carry a Swiss cross on their roof:


I apologize that this image doesn’t have the correct proportions, by the way, I stole this from YouTube.

Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2 by Madfinger is a strange game. It seems like a force of the Swiss army is fighting zombies around the world. When they get hurt, they evoke a vision of Swiss national pride by imagining a large heart beating for Switzerland, and the overwhelming joy of being Swiss then heals wounded soldiers. This is what it looks like:


Very odd, but it probably goes hand in hand with the Swiss pharmacist they hired for their hideout:


I’m guessing those white little boxes contain Swiss ID cards or something, because all the soldiers speak English. Surely the fake IDs make them feel more Swiss, enabling their Switzerland-related patriotic healing powers.

Vox’ video on painkillers

Vox’ video about opioid-based painkillers being responsible for an increasing number of deaths in the USA contains this bizarre scene that probably says something about marihuana bread in Switzerland:


After all, French is one of Switzerland’s national languages and “pain” means bread. Maybe they’re trying to say that baking marihuana into bread is legal in Switzerland and could lead to steel briefcases full of money, but I’d like to warn them at this point. Possession of more than 10 grams of marihuana is still fined in Switzerland, and cannabis trade is illegal.

So Vox’ business idea with the Swiss weed bread isn’t that great. Maybe they should try in Uruguay instead. Here, I’ll fix that graphic for them:


Dear Vox, if you want to hire me to fix all your graphics, check the about page for my email!